Thursday, 9 March 2017

Should I look for a new job?

Is it time to find your dream job? If “Yes” is your answer, then where do you start?

We have experienced changing times for businesses with many challenges. This has meant that for organisations who would like to take on a new recruit and for candidate’s considering a move or career change, a number of new challenges need to be faced.

When companies take on a new recruit or promote from within, this gives greater confidence to both the person involved and generally within the organisation. A new job or promotion usually means an increase in disposable income to those who have been successful, which leads to other decisions such as moving or buying a house, the purchase of luxury items or going on holiday.

It is no surprise then that the recruitment industry is a great indication of how the economy is improving and how important it is for everyone, both employers and recruits alike, to encourage as much of this movement as possible.

We have seen a dramatic change in how we look for work and how employers recruit. One of the main changes has been the use of job boards i.e. S1 jobs, Total Jobs etc. They are relatively easy to use and as we live in an age of technology, it means that submitting a CV is literally a 2-click process. This has therefore resulted in a very high number of applications per vacancy that can often only be managed by recruitment companies that are equipped to handle this volume of responses.

So what should you do?
  • Start looking and understanding your market.
  • Network - Make contact with people in your market that may have opportunities or let your boss know you are looking for promotion.
  • Register with a recruitment agency that understands your market, ideally a specialist.
  • Spend time on your CV and if you need to, get professional advice.
  • Commit to doing something for your job search every week – you will be surprised how many opportunities you uncover.
Work with a Career Coach.

Stay positive.

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