Thursday, 13 January 2011

It’s a new day, it’s a new year, it’s a new job and we’re feeling good……

Or are we? Traditionally we take stock after the bells strike 12 on the previous year. With renewed enthusiasm, we make new plans and goals to put in place for the year ahead.

Looking at our work life balance and cash flow sits fairly high on this priority list, particularly when you have a young family to organise and support.
So what does 2011 hold in store for us? Well the last few years have been challenging for many to say the least and unfortunately, although there is light at the end of the tunnel, it would seem we still have a bit of a journey ahead to reach it.

When juggling family life and the increasing strains work commitments are putting us under, understanding your skills and the current job market can make changing jobs or going back to work after a career break far less stressful.
There are jobs! With the right skills and approach to the market, 2011 could be a very lucrative and exciting time for some.

Be prepared to wait…. the recruitment process now takes longer than it has previously. This is mainly due to employers taking their time to make sure they get the best fit for not only the job but also their organisation. However, it does mean that there are great long term opportunities available now, which have proved to be sparse over the last couple of years. We are starting to see a bigger upturn in people moving jobs rather than sitting tight and this means the job market is becoming more fluid again.

The recession has changed the way many employers think about how they should resource their businesses and this has resulted in facilitating a far more flexible approach. Great news when you are juggling family life. A full-time position can now be adequately managed either by working from home or a shorter working week (i.e. working full time hours in 4 days). There has also been a huge upturn in the amount of professional jobs becoming available on a part-time basis. We now recruit far more financial controller, book-keeper and credit control positions on a part-time basis than ever before.

So where are all the jobs then? Well, not necessarily in the papers and on the job boards! Statistics have shown that during the last few years, the majority of new jobs filled are being done so by word of mouth and not through advertising. When an organisation advertises for positions in this market, they can be inundated with responses, some of which are not even relevant which makes for an administrative headache. It is no wonder that if they are told about someone appropriate, they will follow it up and in most cases look no further.

Many organisations use a bounty system that offers their employees money if they recommend a successful applicant, so this could be doing everyone a favour! The main thing is to get word out that you are looking for new opportunities and stick to your guns on what will work for your family life. Employers know that if someone has high job satisfaction that they are likely to be doing a good job, so getting an opportunity that works for you is a win-win for everyone.

Research organisations that you would like to work in, whether it’s because they are in the right location or they share your values. Whatever the reason, you can make sure you are in the right place at the right time when they are looking for new staff. You may be surprised to find out you already know someone who works there.
Social networking is making the world a much smaller place and is opening a whole new world for recruitment. Many busy mums I speak to are relying on Facebook as a welcome lifeline to keep in touch with family and friends. Don’t be afraid to ask them to help you find new opportunities as it might also help them if they get a cash reward!

So when making your New Year resolutions, make a list of what you need to have a happy, healthy and prosperous year and speak to people to make it happen. This just could be a great year.

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